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Used to sell businesses to other businesses. Now sell jpegs to people on Twitter.

And occasionally advise multi-million dollar startups because people like me.

No filter and no cringe - enjoy.

my achievements to make you feel like you're behind on the hustle

25,000+ subscribers on a Youtube account that I began to share insights about Investment Banking as a career that I'm struggling to pivot after I quit the job and in process of losing credibility

A "career consulting" service - I've gotten people investment banking jobs, helped them escape investment banking jobs, and get a taste of Web3 jobs. Sign up now!

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 3.31.02 PM.png

A college degree from a "top 10 liberal arts university" that you've never heard of

Perfectly bilingual in English and Korean - slightly more than when people put fluent on their resumes and LinkedIn (yes I can understand Squid Game without subtitles)

  • TikTok

A viral TikTok account with millions of views talking about Korean news, being Korean, and NYC.

A Twitter account that once became the most influential NFT profile in the world.

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