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I've advised hundreds of high schoolers, college students, and professionals.
Here's some specific people I've helped and their results.

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Non-Target School -> JP Morgan

A college student struggling to find a summer internship as a non-target student in a "low rank" school. Walked him through effective networking strategies and a game plan for building a resume. 

After two meetings, landed an internship at JP Morgan, is now currently full time there as an analyst.

Small PE -> Bulge Bracket

A young professional that felt stuck at a small PE shop, was looking to apply for an MBA for a career change.

Advised to craft a story, network with college and work alumni, and go after an investment banking role instead. Ended with Bulge Bracket offer in NYC.

International Student -> US Bulge

Australian college student coming from a finance target but no US exposure. Felt behind in networking and thought being from Australia was a setback.

Developed a story together that showcased international strength and landed US based Bulge Bracket offer.

International Student -> PE with no Investment Banking Experience

International student with experience through his family business not interested in investment banking but saw it as a necessary stepping stone for private equity.

Polished resume and found PE firms together hiring directly from undergrad / internships. Hired by PE firm after three meetings.

Investment Banking -> Music Producer / Engineer

An IB prospective college student who didn't have a true passion for the industry and had talents elsewhere.

Encouraged him to apply similar tactics (cold calling / networking) to his passions - ended up becoming a full time sound engineer in LA under one of the biggest producers of our time.

40+ Year Old Lost in Career -> MBA

Professional with 20+ years of professional experience not satisfied with their current career. Didn't know what options were available.

Advised to attend an MBA to reset career and walked through best options for application process and GMAT.

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