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why I'm blogging

We often, if not always, seek a reason to do things. I think the surface level reason for this website's existence is to "showcase my thoughts in an easy to approach medium that the masses can enjoy" but realistically and statistically speaking the audience of this collection of text is projected to be quite small. The true purpose for any form of social media based sharing is our inherent belief that we're special - a belief that we can provide insights and content better than the next person and a perception that others will find what we have to say interesting or valuable.

Through being a "Youtuber" for over a year, I think one thing that I've realized is that the barrier to entry to garner a decent audience who believes what you have to say is valuable is actually quite low. This is because many (as I'm sure those reading this can attest) continue to say that they will launch their personal brand through a new channel or a website, but never do. The very action of starting something like this, and more importantly continuing to do so, is the biggest obstacle in developing a crowd. We all know that one "influencer" (me being a prime example) - the one that we continue to show our friends and note that "we can do a better job than this person who's making thousands of dollars through internet money" - but we never do. We never open that account, never upload that first video and forget about the Wix website we made for the fifth time that year. If you know for a fact you can write better than this or have seen my videos and felt similarly, I strongly encourage you to stop reading and go do it right now. There's a high chance you can be much better at this than I am but you'll never know if you don't start.

My reason for blogging in addition to the mild success I've had through Youtube can be summarized into three very simple and blunt reasons:

  1. I have a serious desire to be famous and widely known - I used to think everyone felt like this and dismissed my inner desire as a "phase" that everyone goes through in our generation meddled with internet fame but through numerous conversations with friends and family, realized not many want this for themselves. At this point you're probably thinking (a) I feel the same but can't say it aloud myself or (b) You sound like a narcissistic psychopath. I urge you to follow along if you're in the latter school of thought and encourage you to start your own blog or Youtube channel if you're the first.

  2. Youtube takes a lot of work, blogs don't (relatively) - Youtube is still my preferred medium of communication and trying to act like I'm influential. A video's worth a million pictures and I (somehow) have 15,000 people globally who have signed up to hear what I have to say based on a persona that is extremely artificial. But it takes some level of work and editing is not my forte. Writing blog posts can be done at any time and location without strong lighting or audio equipment.

  3. People around me told me to blog - much of this stems from the fact that I tend to believe my opinions and insights are extremely valuable and unique (as most people in this day and age do) more than my social circle actually encouraging me to do so in admiration of my brilliance. "If you think you're so smart and right all the time, you should have the public decide" is the simplified statement I'm treating as my call to action.

In short, as with all aspiring internet personalities, I think I'm very special and I think you'll value what I have to say. Make sure to share as much as you can so the world finds out.

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