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vlogging every week until I'm 30

I just turned 26 and have decided to vlog until I’m 30.

I have an inkling this is the accumulation of the life I’ve lived – I was recently reminded that I always enjoyed content creation. From drawing to comics, playing pretend and Lego stop motion, I’d argue the only hobby I’ve ever had has been revolved around content. The only thing I grabbed onto for sanity during my investment banking days in conjunction with COVD was Youtube, what ultimately led me to me joining my current venture at Hyperspace was due to my eye for trends and virality. Content happens to go hand in hand in 2023 with being influential – I happened to be naturally a fit for both.

My biggest regret is not starting this sooner. I probably have had my most spontaneous, recordable, views-driving moments concentrated in the past two years where I’ve had more time, opportunity, and money than most in my age. Now with all that without the energy, I constantly go into thought spirals of worrying that the best thumbnails are behind me. Regardless, regret births nothing other than despair, and I’ve concluded (with some encouragement from those around me) that now is certainly better than never.

In an attempt to be held accountable, as I believe is the best motivator for anything that requires consistency, I’ve told as many people as possible I’m doing this. Additionally, I’ve spent a considerable amount of money buying a vlogging camera and already invested too much time recording the first episode (yes Casey Neistat, gear doesn’t matter – but investment does). This first week also reminded me that doing this is what I love doing most, and in an era of my life where nothing motivates me and I have started to question core aspects of myself, I don’t think there could’ve been perfect timing.

Outside of retaining and enhancing an existing hobby, other motives include (but not limited to) the potential of becoming famous (which is always a motive for me), recording my life for my children to see, and the possibility of having this become a self-sustaining income stream. The more I live, the more I realize I’m incapable of working something traditional. Being the face of an NFT marketplace is probably as “real-job” like it can get for me.

A couple of guidelines and commitments so that I’m not led astray during this 4-year journey ahead:

1. In preparation of an unpredictable future, I propose that if I somehow get married and / or have kids have before 30, I will re-assess everything.

2. I will try my best to have no inorganic shots – meaning, no staged cameras where I’m walking even though I already walked that path and am coming back again to look like I’m walking it the moment the viewer is watching.

3. I will explicitly seek sponsorships and promotion opportunities – 2 years in Web3 has made me an expert in content-boosted marketing. It’s something I believe every company or project needs moving forward, and don’t know anyone better to do it than myself!

4. I will post at least once a week, regardless of what happens.

The number one question I’ve received in the past four years of doing Youtube has always been “why don’t you vlog, you’re hiding the real you.”

Here’s your answer.

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